Green Witch Gardening and Apothecary

year long interactive course

Your Course is delivered, online, over 8 weeks from 1st March 2020 then each two weeks a new extension subject is released in your online classroom building into the ultimate Green Witch resource. Work completely at your pace, you can not 'fall behind' and everything is yours to access for life.

suitable for gardens and apothecaries anywhere in the world

lifetime access

  • Plan, Design & Magick

    You will learn how to plan and design a beautiful garden space (indoors or out) while learning magical correspondences that will empower, protect and boost the energies you will be working with

  • Plant, Grow, Nurture

    Lessons to help you start, renovate and get your garden growing with plants you can use for healing, magick and culinary purposes, all grown naturally by you.

  • Your Home Apothecary

    Learn how to best gather and preserve your harvest and where to obtain additional items to create your personal at home Magickal Apothecary

everything you need to create a magnificent and powerful garden

  • 01
    come through the garden gate with me
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    • welcome from cheralyn FREE PREVIEW
    • course housekeeping
    • land guardianship
    • what is a green witch?
    • garden journalling
    • plant identification
    • your zone
    • the elements and your garden
    • gardening and apothecary tools
    • the moon and our gardens, an introduction
    • connecting your dream garden with reality
    • suggested activities....
  • 02
    your garden journals & starting an apothecary
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    • Why Keep Garden Journals and Records?
    • garden journal pages to download
    • your plant inventory
    • excel spreadsheet garden planner
    • your personal herbarium
    • botanical sketching for your journals - tools and materials
    • preserving botanicals to use in your journals and herbariums
    • pressing flowers & foliage tutorial
    • drying botanicals for record keeping with silica tutorial
    • apothecary: setting up your storage space
    • apothecary: foundation supplies
    • apothecary labels
    • apothecary: how to sterilise glass jars and bottles
  • 03
    lunar gardening & plants of protection
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    • geocentric and heliocentric lunar gardening
    • creating lunar notations in your journals
    • full moon in the garden
    • waning moon in the garden
    • new moon in the garden
    • waxing moon in the garden
    • plants of protection booklet
    • plants of protection
    • lunar and astro phase resources
    • garden rituals of autumn
    • apothecary: waters
    • apothecary: glycerites
    • apothecary: flower and plant essence creation
    • apothecary: a collection of essence and water recipes
    • apothecary: tinctures
  • 04
    indoor gardening
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    • exploring and testing your indoor areas
    • tools
    • magickal & healing placement of plants
    • which plants can grow indoors?
    • general indoor plant care
    • soils
    • water
    • air
    • light
    • when things go wrong
    • gardening rituals for indoor plants
    • apothecary: carrier oils
    • apothecary: a selection of sacred oil recipes
  • 05
    outdoor gardening
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    • tools
    • set a magickal place of good and powerful energy
    • magickal directions and your garden
    • your climate and zone
    • soils
    • composts
    • apothecary: drying herbs
    • apothecary: creating infusions (teas!)
    • apothecary: a collection of infusion recipes
    • apothecary labels for teas
  • 06
    the magickal edible garden
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    • creating a vegetable, fruit and herb garden
    • planning your garden bed and pot locations
    • soil
    • water
    • fertilisers
    • pests and diseases
    • vegetables
    • herbs
    • fruits
    • flowers in the veggie patch
    • raised beds
    • apothecary: creating tinctures
    • apothecary: tincture recipes
    • gardening rituals of summer
  • 07
    cut flower gardening
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    • planning a cut flower garden
    • a year planting guide
    • what goes in? soil and compost mixtures
    • flowers in pots
    • how to harvest and keep flowers
    • basic floristry care
    • apothecary: a wreath of healing
    • apothecary: a healing posy
    • apothecary: creating smudging sticks
  • 08
    the harvest
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    • magickal gathering
    • drying methods
    • preservation and storage
    • apothecary: creating spells
    • apothecary: creating tonics
    • apothecary: a collection of tonic recipes
  • 09
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    • basic propagation techniques
    • transplanting seedlings
    • apothecary: creating balms
  • 10
    seed saving
    Show details
    • seed collection
    • seed viability
    • storage methods
    • seed collectors and swap clubs
    • winter gardening rituals
    • apothecary: haircare creations
  • 11
    plant divination
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    • how plants and flowers can help us plan ahead
    • the language of plants and flowers
    • plant scrying
    • tea leaf reading
    • botanical grids
    • apothecary: magickal botanical mists, essences and potions
  • 12
    spell crafting
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    • creating magickal spells from your harvest
    • magickal protection during crafting
    • apothecary: a foundation spell collection
    • apothecary: a foundation spell collection
  • 13
    bee keeping
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    • native and honey bee start up and maintenance
    • the lessons of native bees
    • apothecary: a collection of honey concoctions
  • 14
    community gardening
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    • my tips on begin involved and how to set up
  • 15
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    • keeping your own resources
    • books
    • magazines and newspapers
    • tv and radio
    • podcasts
  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Cheralyn Darcey is a botanical explorer, florist, organic gardener, environmental artist and the author and illustrator of over a dozen internationally published botanical titles that share with readers her passion for nature and researching plants and their relationships with us. Living on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, Cheralyn has created and nurtures her own extensive flower, vegetable and interesting plant home garden that has been featured in national publications and her creative sanctuary. Cheralyn has also taught arts, crafts and botanical history for over three decades in person and for the past ten years, online. Her passion is sharing what she finds inspiring in our botanical world with others.

    Cheralyn Darcey

    botanical explorer, author & artist

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