Green Witch Gardening and Apothecary

year long interactive course

Your Course is delivered, online, over 8 weeks from 1st March 2020 then each two weeks a new extension subject is released in your online classroom building into the ultimate Green Witch resource. Work completely at your pace and everything is yours to access for life.

Begins 1st March

lifetime access

  • Plan, Design & Magick

    You will learn how to plan and design a beautiful garden space (indoors or out) while learning magical correspondences that will empower, protect and boost the energies you will be working with

  • Plant, Grow, Nurture

    Lessons to help you start, renovate and get your garden growing with plants you can use for healing, magick and culinary purposes, all grown naturally by you.

  • Your Home Apothecary

    Learn how to best gather and preserve your harvest and where to obtain additional items to create your personal at home Magickal Apothecary

everything you need to create a magnificent and powerful garden

  • 01
    welcome to the course!
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    • A message from the instructor
    • How to use this course
    • Before we begin...
  • 02
    garden journaling and planning
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    • What sort of journal is best for you?
    • your garden plan (indoors or out)
    • the magickal elements
    • the directions and your garden or space
    • your plant inventory and wish list
    • garden plans
  • 03
    gardening ethics
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    • respect for the people of the land
    • your garden, your heart, your spirit, your hands
    • meet your local native plants
  • 04
    indoor gardening
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    • exploring and testing your indoor areas
    • tools
    • magickal & healing placement of plants
    • which plants can grow indoors?
    • general indoor plant care
    • soils
    • water
    • air
    • light
    • when things go wrong
  • 05
    outdoor gardening
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    • tools
    • set a magickal place of good and powerful energy
    • magickal directions and your garden
    • your climate and zone
    • soils
    • composts
  • 06
    the magickal edible garden
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    • creating a vegetable garden (all sizes)
  • 07
    outdoor raised beds
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    • How I made mine and other plans
    • Pre-made raised beds
    • raised bed placement
    • what goes in? soil and compost mixtures
    • planting out raised beds
    • raised bed care and maintenance
  • 08
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    • magickal gathering
    • drying methods
    • preservation and storage
  • 09
    lunar gardening
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    • your area of the world and the moon
    • why you should garden by moon phases
    • planting
    • gardening maintenance
    • harvesting
  • 10
    magickal cut flower gardening
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    • a selection of easy grow flowers
  • 11
    a secret garden
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    • creating a space of personal energy within a garden
  • 12
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    • new plants from old
  • 13
    seed saving
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    • getting started
  • 14
    creating your home apothecary
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    • a basic kit of tools and supplies
    • storage requirements
    • purchasing plant material from others
    • labeling
    • a foundation collection for every home
    • selling to others
    • a travelling first aid kit
    • flower and plant essence creation
    • flower waters
    • oils
    • balms and lotions
    • teas and beverages
  • 15
    plant divination
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    • how plants and flowers can help us plan ahead
    • the language of plants and flowers
    • plant scrying
    • tea leaf reading
  • 16
    bee keeping
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    • native and honey bee start up and maintenance
  • 17
    community gardening
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    • my tips on begin involved and how to set up
  • 18
    spell crafting
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    • creating magickal spells from your harvest
  • 19
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    • keeping your own resources
    • books
    • magazines and newspapers
    • tv and radio
    • podcasts


My courses are listed in US dollars and this is because the majority of those who follow and purchase my work are in the USA. A Google check will confirm the exchange rate for your currency. This is year-long course and I have kept the pricing accessible for Australia even though it is listed in US dollars. At present the Early Bird price is around $100AUD and will revert to the regular price of $122US which is around $180AUD from 1st March. This is for lifetime access and so represents fantastic value. 

  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Cheralyn Darcey is a botanical explorer, florist, organic gardener, environmental artist and the author and illustrator of over a dozen internationally published botanical titles that share with readers her passion for nature and researching plants and their relationships with us. Living on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, Cheralyn has created and nurtures her own extensive flower, vegetable and interesting plant home garden that has been featured in national publications and her creative sanctuary. Cheralyn has also taught arts, crafts and botanical history for over three decades in person and for the past ten years, online. Her passion is sharing what she finds inspiring in our botanical world with others.

    Cheralyn Darcey

    botanical explorer, author & artist

for more information

if required, contact Cheralyn directly