Certified Flower Reader

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  • healing

    along with surrounding yourself with blossoms to promote healing pathways, learn to create your own flower essences and how to use floral aromatherapy oils and botanicals.

  • divination

    explore ways both ancient and new to practice oracle divination reading with flowers. Create your own oracle deck, read ready-made decks, fresh flowers and other botanical tools.

  • insight

    you will learn the botanical history, folklore & magick of flowers to find birth flowers, favourite blossoms and those connected with dreams and hopes to find and share deeper insights.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • How to use this course
    • A message from Cheralyn
    • Your Course Flower Journal
    • Creating an Information Storage System
    • How and Where to Research
  • 02
    The Story of Flowers and Us
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    • Basic Flower Botany
    • The Lore of Flowers
    • The History of Flowers and Us
    • What is a Flower Reading?
    • Flower Energy
    • Finding Flower Spirit Guides
    • Your Personal Flowers
    • Floromancy & Flower Psychometry
    • The Victorian Language of Flowers
    • Lesson One Exercises and Reading List
    • Special Extra: Historical Flower Reading Example: Pansy Reading
  • 03
    Flower Reading Foundations
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    • A Simple Fresh Flower Reading
    • Flower Reading Keys: Colour
    • Flower Reading Keys: Shape
    • Flower Reading Keys: Herbal Lore
    • Flower Reading Keys: Texture, Fragrance, Environment and other Properties
    • The Personal Language of Flowers
    • Flower Reading Key Charts
    • Exercises and Reading List
    • Special Extra: Historical Flower Reading Example: Flower Scrying
  • 04
    Creating Fresh Flower Readings
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    • Flower Reading Ethics and Safety
    • A Basic Fresh Flower Reading
    • Creating Your Own Style
    • Multiple Flower Readings
    • Interpreting Favourite Flowers
    • Flower Messages
    • Flower Dream Interpretations
    • Birth Flowers
    • Exercises & Reading List
    • Special Extra: The Flowers of the Zodiac
  • 05
    Flower Oracle Cards
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    • What are Oracle Cards?
    • Resource List of Floral Oracle Cards
    • Create Your Own Flower Oracle ~ Collage Art Lesson
    • Flower Oracle Card Readings
    • A Selection of Fresh Flower and Oracle Card Spreads
    • Lesson Three Exercises
    • Special Extra: Floral Tea Reading
  • 06
    Creating a Flower Reading Practice
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    • A Place to Read
    • How Much to Charge
    • Advertising, Social Media and Websites
    • Caring for Your Clients
    • The Legal Considerations
    • Exercises, Reading List and Resources
    • Special Extra: Create a Flower Pendulum
  • 07
    Healing with Flowers
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    • Flower Essences
    • How Flower Essences Work
    • Essence Tools and Supplies
    • Create Your First Flower Essence
    • Prescribing Flower Essences
    • Flower Essence Resource List
    • Floral Aromatherapy
    • Flower Acupuncture
    • A Selection of Other Flower Healing Modalities
  • 08
    Flowers for Home, Work and Events
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    • How Flowers Charge and Change Energy Around You
    • How to Choose Floral Gifts for Others
    • Selecting Flowers for Events and Celebrations
    • Cut~Flower Care
    • Growing Your Own Flowers
    • Exercises, Reading List and Resources
    • Special Extra: Step by Step ~ Crafting a Flower Crown
  • 09
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    • Contact Cheralyn for your Free Certification Exam

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    Cheralyn Darcey is the author and illustrator of nine internationally published, best-selling natural history, flower titles. Her research and work spans three decades of dedication to the exploration of the ethnobotanical connections of plants and us. Cheralyn is passionate about her organic garden, art and travel.

    Cheralyn Darcey

    botanical explorer, author & artist